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  • Grade A white goose feathers PU cork(P-C)
  • High durability and good flight, perfect for club play.
  • 12 shuttlecocks per tube


  • 11-24 products = £11.5 per tube
  • 25+ products = £11 per tube

Free delivery when you purchase an inner box (25 tubes) or outer shipper (50 tubes) order of feather shuttlecocks. 



About Our Shuttlecocks

Here at Sheer Sports, we are passionate badminton players, and we have tried and tested a variety of feather shuttlecocks. We know what makes a good feather shuttlecock which is why we have created our own range.

We work closely with our manufacturers designing shuttlecocks to suit all abilities. Our shuttlecocks are perfect for county/league matches, club play and junior/school. We offer the best value as we cut out the middleman and work directly with shuttlecock suppliers.

Most importantly our shuttlecocks are extremely durable. Generally speaking you’ll need 4/5 shuttlecocks for 7 games, but with our shuttlecocks you’ll need just 2 for the same number of games. You’ll be amazed at how much play you will get with a Sheer Sports feather shuttlecock.



Looking After Your Shuttlecocks

Please always store your shuttlecocks in a cool dry place, away from heat/radiators and direct sunlight, as correct storage is vital for giving your feather shuttlecocks a long life time.

If you want to increase the life of your shuttlecocks you could try steaming them before play.

How to Steam Shuttlecocks Without a Steamer

Equipment needed:

- A kettle

- Shuttlecock tube (with lids)

Steaming steps:

1) Before steaming, first identify which end of the tube is the exit and which is the entry. The end at which the shuttlecock heads can be seen will be the exit mouth.
2) Place the shuttlecocks that are needed for next day’s play in the tube (choose one with an aluminium foil lining).
3) Prepare a kettle full of boiled water then use a thermos flask/cup and fill it with the hot water. Open the front and back ends of the tube and place the entry mouth above the kettle or thermos flask/cup and let the steam rise into the tube (steam for about 30 seconds).
4) When steam begins to rise out of the exit mouth, move the tube away horizontally and then quickly put the lid back on the exit mouth and entry mouth to prevent the steam escaping.
5) All you need to do next is leave the tube head up/feathers down for 12 hours, after which time the steaming is complete.

Important Notes

- Don’t steam the shuttlecocks for too long, as the cork will get damaged. Seal the tube as soon as you see steam rising from the exit mouth (we suggest steaming for no longer than a minute).

- In moist seasons don’t steam shuttlecocks as this can make them too heavy and affect their flight.

- Use the shuttlecocks that have been steamed as quickly as you can. In other words, only steam the number you need for next day’s play.

- The kettle/thermos flask or cup used for steaming shuttlecocks should not be used to boil or hold water for drinking or used to prepare food.




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